DESIGN TRUST: Critically Homemade Winter Showcase features 39 designs that have been selected in collaboration with various Design Trust Champions, Partners and Patrons. Chosen based on how they embody Design Trust’s core values as well as how they responded to the curatorial brief, these designs exemplify the true creativity, innovation, ingenuity and diversity of our designer community. With all proceeds to support Design Trust’s ongoing research and grant programmes, we thank you for your interest and invite you to #GiveToGiveMore
Since its founding, Design Trust provided funded over 150 research projects and programmes through its seed and feature grants, research fellowships and Design Trust Futures Studio; beyond positioning Hong Kong at the heart of the global design dialogue, Design Trust has built a broad and vibrant creative community and provided critical support and mentorship to the new generation of designers in the city and surrounding areas. The designs from these Design Trust alumni each showcase a thoughtful and creative application of their groundbreaking research to the Critically Homemade curatorial brief creating a unique collection that is both innovative and meaningful. #MakeToGive More #GiveToGiveMore #NewGenerationOfDesign
Heritage is not a static subject but a source of inspiration and an opportunity for the continuation of a long-standing narrative. Design plays a significant role in the shaping of visual and cultural stories as it reinterprets and revives a chapter of Hong Kong’s story into a more relevant contemporary expression.
Amidst the ambiguity and uncertainty of today, there have been thoughtful critiques as well as pioneering creations that provide a unifying expression and a useful resource in helping people find greater security, stability and comfort.
The sudden slowdown of the external world has been met with a build-up of internal frenzy highlighting the growing need for inward reflection and emotional balance. Promoting positive habits for active reflection and physical attunement, focus from the burden of prolonged isolation may be shifted to a radiating hopefulness.
Glimpses of the natural world are a welcome sight for those confined within concrete walls deep inside the density of the city; during this time of social distance and lockdown, the dichotomy and tension between the fascination with the natural world and our dependence on man-made comforts grow ever stronger.
As traditional boundaries blur and dynamics in relationships evolve, learning and play are no longer mutually exclusive nor are they solely in the domain of children. Designed to spark conversation and inspire imagination, opportunities for learning are increasingly infused with play as well as creating bonds between generations.
With a well-trained eye for newness and insightful understanding of Hong Kong’s contemporary cultural landscape, kapok’s selection reflect a distinct sense of Culturally Hong Kong and Beyond.
As a groundbreaking platform for mission-led entrepreneurs, go-getters and game changers who seek the good life, WOMANBOSS’ forward-looking and socially conscious showcase provide a unique perspective into the future of making where design plays an essential part in shaping our future.
Reflecting a unique sense of style that combines craft and personality, COLOURLIVING’s strong aesthetic and deep insight underlies its selection of indispensable elements of the modern home that showcase creative problem-solving innovations as well as inspirations for a positive mindset.
Combining the legacy of masterful leather shoe production with a stylish and understated aesthetic, ANDREW KAYLA’s brand of contemporary athleisure sneakers has become an instant favourite.
The interplay between exceptional design and gastronomy has long been a hallmark of JIA Group’s establishments throughout Hong Kong. An active supporter of Design Trust since its founding, the Group brings an unexpected, humourous and delicious twist to the Winter Showcase.
Sustainability and non-profit partnerships blend seamlessly within ZS Group’s commitment to serve authentic traditional cuisines with a thoughtful modern touch.
Known affectionately by its initials which means “to live better” in the local Cantonese dialect, “G.O.D.” injects humour and creativity into their original designs turning everyday subjects into truly extraordinary objects.
As a globally respected thought leader in advancing the dialogue between design and its community, Design Trust is a strong advocate of innovative, interactive and forward-looking solutions that contribute to the wellbeing of the community, whilst respecting the rich heritage of Hong Kong and its regional cultural assets. Its selection also places a high degree of importance on diversity, inclusivity and sustainability as core values to its community-oriented mission, and nurtures young talent through research and education.
The DESIGN TRUST: Critically Homemade Select Showcase features 24 designs that have been selected and developed into limited edition products by Design Trust, select Design Trust Champions (kapok, COLOURLIVING, WOMANBOSS, ZS Hospitality Group) and Collaborating Partners (Andrew Kayla, G.O.D., JIA Group). Each Design Trust Champion brought a unique perspective to the selection process which is reflected through the diversity amongst the selected prototypes whilst still sharing a commonality with the overarching curatorial themes.
The DESIGN TRUST: Critically Homemade Collectors Showcase features 18 original prototypes available as one-of-a-kind or limited edition collector’s items. These thoughtful handmade creations responding to the COVID-19 challenges – from established designers to young emerging talent alike – combine impeccable craftsmanship, ingenuity and creativity to deliver an inspiring unique collectible. The silent auction was held November 25 - December 3, 2020; please sign up for our newsletter to stay informed of future events and happenings.
The DESIGN TRUST: Critically Homemade Future Showcase features designs that showcase an innovative and original response to the brief that will be included as part of a future exhibition. These prototypes provide a progressive perspective on the ways that design can improve our daily lives - in large and small - yet still meaningful ways
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DESIGN TRUST: Critically Homemade
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